EqualLogic PS6010XVS iSCSI Storage Array

EqualLogic PS6010XVS iSCSI Storage Array

Dell EqualLogic PS6010XVS iSCSI SAN
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Intuitive data availability and high bandwidth for tiered workloads

The PS6010XVS virtualized iSCSI arrays are ideal for optimizing responsiveness of applications through high bandwidth and intelligent tiering of data, within the array, across low-latency SSD and performance sensitive 15K RPM SAS hard disk.

  • Optimize performance of tiered application workloads, such as virtual desktop or applications delivered as a service
  • Intelligent data placement across SSD and 15,000 RPM SAS helps deliver excellent user responsiveness for tiered workloads
  • Balance cost and performance with a combination of SSD and 15,000 RPM SAS in a single array
  • Delivers up to 10x the bandwidth per port

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Dell EqualLogic PS6010XVS iSCSI Array

Dell EqualLogic PS6010XVS

The PS6010XVS reinforces the EqualLogic principles of intelligence, automation and scalable performance, with the addition of optimized data response for your applications through intelligent data tiering. Using a combination of low-latency SSD and performance oriented SAS drives the PS6010XVS automatically places data on the appropriate disk technology using historical I/O and performance patterns and helps optimize data response for your applications while maximizing efficiency. The ability to sense and intelligently respond to data requirements is a valuable feature for applications like virtual desktops that can benefit from low-latency SSD during desktop initialization (i.e. Bootstorm) and often require cost effective, performance-oriented storage for user data files. For applications that also require increased bandwidth, The PS6010 line features a redesigned 10GbE dual-port controller delivering up to 10x the bandwidth per port and 2.5x the bandwidth per array compared to previous generations.

Dell EqualLogic PS6010 Series Arrays: Exceptional ease of use

Exceptional Ease Of Use

The PS6010XVS is an intelligent storage array that provides rapid installation, simple management, and seamless expansion. All PS Series storage arrays include SAN configuration features and capabilities that sense network topology, automatically build RAID sets, and conduct system health checks to help ensure that all components are fully functional.

Modular Design With Enterprise Reliability

EqualLogic PS Series arrays are based on a virtualized modular storage architecture that enables IT managers to purchase only the storage that is needed when it is needed – to help prevent both under utilization and over-provisioning. Using patented data movement technology, all PS Series arrays can work together to automatically manage data, load balance across system resources and expand to meet growing needs. The EqualLogic PS Series is designed to meet and exceed the rugged requirements of the data center. The PS6010XVS includes fault tolerance capabilities through fully redundant and hot swappable components – dual-controllers, standard dual fan trays, dual power supplies and disk drives with hot spares. Self tuning write-back caches are battery-backed and mirrored across controllers for ultimate protection without compromising performance.

Dell EqualLogic PS6010 Series Arrays: Modular design with enterprise reliability

Dell EqualLogic PS6010 Series Arrays: Feature-Rich Software Portfolio

Feature-Rich Software Portfolio

The EqualLogic software portfolio is an essential component of the EqualLogic storage solution. This feature-rich software portfolio can help your organization establish reliable, high-performing interactions with your customers while protecting critical business data.

The EqualLogic all-inclusive software model gives you the functionality required for a complete SAN solution at one price, eliminating the need to manage software licenses or multiple support contracts. The full software portfolio, including EqualLogic Array Software, EqualLogic Host Software and EqualLogic SAN Headquarters, is included with the array purchase. Customers with a valid Dell ProSupport* agreement can download future software updates without paying additional license fees.

Flexibility With Low Cost Of Ownership

Dell EqualLogic PS Series arrays represent a breakthrough in storage economics, from purchase and setup to operation and upgrades. The PS Series scales on-demand and online allowing storage growth without disrupting applications. As a result, EqualLogic arrays provide exceptional flexibility at a low total cost of ownership.

Whether consolidating a direct-attached storage (DAS) infrastructure, migrating data from and existing SAN, streamlining data protection processes or simply adding storage capacity, the Dell EqualLogic family of proven, high-performance, self-managing storage arrays is designed to meet the requirements of today’s critical datacenter environments.

Dell EqualLogic PS6010 Series Arrays: Flexibility with low cost of ownership

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