EqualLogic PS6110XV 10GbE iSCSI Array

EqualLogic PS6110XV 10GbE iSCSI Array

Enterprise storage built for performance


Master critical applications with high-performance EqualLogic™ PS6110XV 10GbE Internet SCSI (iSCSI) arrays, ideal for enterprise and corporate distributed sites.

Dell EqualLogic PS6110XV

Enterprise storage built for performance.

Master critical applications with high-performance EqualLogic PS6110XV 10GbE iSCSI arrays, ideal for enterprise and corporate distributed sites.

Equallogic PS6110XV Storage System

Enterprise power with everyday simplicity

Quickly process your data-hungry tasks using EqualLogic PS6110XV high-performance 10GbE iSCSI arrays with easy, flexible management for highly consolidated enterprise environments.
Dell EqualLogic PS6110xv
Designed to scale with your business
Experience outstanding storage performance with the PS6110XV 10GbE iSCSI array, a Dell virtualized scale-out architecture designed for high-speed, high-capacity storage that is easy to manage and scale for future needs.
  • Leverage your existing infrastructure with 10GbE SFP+ or build out your network with new, cost-effective 10GBASE-T (both supported).
  • Help eliminate downtime and performance penalties with smooth, incremental SAN expansion.
  • Grow your virtual storage alongside your virtual server growth.
  • Change hardware without disruption.
  • Add or remove arrays at will, according to policy, age, application or business needs.
  • Easily mix new disk or network technologies in the SAN.
  • Move volumes (databases/VMs) online between any pool or disk resources.
  • Avoid forklift upgrades or data-in-place migrations that cost time and money.
  • Automatically balance loads across disks and multiple arrays in a pool.
  • Help eliminate manual re-distributing of capacity or application workloads (downtime and services costs).
equallogic ps6110xv storage system
Feature-rich architecture
Build high-performance storage for critical applications using PS6110XV arrays. With high-speed 2.5" SAS HDDs and up to 7.2TB* of capacity, the PS6110XV 10GbE iSCSI array is the highest performing HDD array in the PS6110 series.
  • Dual 10GbE controllers and dual power supplies designed for built-in redundancy
  • Dedicated 10/100 management port per controller
  • 6G SAS backplane
  • 24 hot-swappable 2.5" 15K drives
  • Cache-to-flash memory de-staging
  • Peer-scaling architecture that scales performance linearly
  • Vertical Port Sharing, designed to enable you to maintain full bandwidth if a networking port fails
  • Group Manager, which integrates all management into one console for both file- and block-storage protocols
  • EqualLogic Host Software that extends the functionality of the array-based software to enable cooperation with the host
  • Host Integration Tools for Microsoft®, VMware® and Linux® products as well as EqualLogic SAN Headquarters (SANHQ) management software
  • Enhanced security with self-encrypting drives (SED)