PowerConnect W-IAP134/135 Instant Access Point

PowerConnect W-IAP134/135 Instant Access Point

High-speed indoor access points with built-in virtual controller


Create an affordable, ultra-high-performance WiFi™ network with Dell™ PowerConnect™ W-IAP134 and W-IAP135 dual-radio APs with built-in virtual controllers.

  • Dual-band, dual-radio APs with up to 450Mbps data rate per radio and external (W-IAP134) and internal (W-IAP135) antenna options
  • Built-in virtual controller. eliminating the need for a separate controller
  • 3x3 multiple-input, multiple-output (MIMO), dual-band radios with three spatial streams 

Powerconnect W Iap135 networking switches






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Compact high-performance access with a controller built in

Eliminate the need for a dedicated external controller with the built-in virtual controllers in the PowerConnect™ W-IAP134/135 IAPs.

Like a dedicated controller, the virtual controller monitors and controls critical network maintenance tasks, including:
  • AP auto discovery
  • 802.1X authentication
  • Role- and device-based policy enforcement
  • Rogue detection
  • Specialized Adaptive Radio Management functions that optimize WiFi client behavior, enabling IAPs to avoid RF interference
When multiple IAPs are connected, a single IAP acts as the primary virtual controller. If that primary virtual controller fails, another W-IAP in the chain automatically takes over as virtual controller with no disruption to services.

Ease of deployment

Be up and running in minutes. From a laptop, simply connect wirelessly to a service set identifier (SSID) and complete over-the-air provisioning in three easy steps. To expand your network, simply install more PowerConnect W-IAPs. Configurations are automatically uploaded from the designated virtual controller.

Management and visibility

Securely administer multiple PowerConnect W-IAP WiFi networks from a single console with the Dell PowerConnect™ W-Series Airwave® Software Management Suite™. It gives you real-time visibility into users, mobile devices and both wired and wireless LAN infrastructures, enabling W-IAPs to be deployed in remote locations.

Investment protection

As your WLAN requirements expand, you can upgrade your PowerConnect W-IAPs to 802.11n campus APs and migrate to a centralized mobility controller architecture. This will extend support to multiple APs and can provide wireless intrusion protection as well as powerful spectrum analysis capabilities.

Advanced RF management

Build your network to better serve all users with Dell’s Adaptive Radio Management (ARM) technology. By adjusting to how WiFi clients interact, ARM helps ensure that data, voice and video applications have sufficient network resources to operate properly.

Key ARM features include:
  • Spectrum load balancing that uniformly distributes clients across channels in high-density environments
  • Noise awareness, which dynamically shifts clients away from channels hampered by outside interference
  • Band-steering, which enables APs with both radios available to dynamically transfer clients away from crowded bands and allows users to define client ratios across different bands
  • Airtime fairness that delivers equal airtime access to all WiFi clients, regardless of the client type, wireless chip or operating system

High-definition video and toll-quality voice

Deploy HD-quality video and crystal clear voice across your wireless environment with PowerConnect W-Series APs, with virtualized or centralized controllers.

Key voice and video features:

  • ARM technology helps maximize wireless client performance.
  • RF fingerprinting technology helps ensure highly reliable and high-quality voice-over-WiFi communications without disabling automated channel management.
Extended Life Warranty

Extended Life Warranty

Gain peace of mind with the Extended Life Warranty* for your PowerConnect product. It offers the assurance that your hardware will be repaired or replaced for as long as you own the product.