PowerVault ML6000 Product Details

PowerVault ML6000 Product Details
PowerVault ML6030 CMDell PowerVault ML6030 Tape Library

The PowerVault ML6000 is an intelligent, modular tape library that prepares SAN environments for true disaster recovery.

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  Tape Backup Technology
Automated Tape Library
41 to 409 cartridges
1-18 LTO-3, LTO-4 or LTO-5 Tape Drives
5U, 14U and 23U Base Configurations
9U Expansion Module
32U and 41U configs available for configuration

  Server Compatability
Dell and x86 IBM and HP Servers
Please refer to compatibility matrix for complete listing

  Maximum Storage Capacity
Native: 613 TB (with 409 LTO-5 cartridges)

  Backup Rate
Native Maximums: (with 18 LTO-5 drives)
2520 MB/s
9072 GB/hr

  Library Configurations
PowerVault ML6010 CM (5U)
Up to 41 cartridges
Up to 2 LTO-4 tape drives
Up to 6 mailbox cartridges

PowerVault ML6020 CM (14U)
Up to 133 cartridges
Up to 6 LTO-4 tape drives
Up to 18 mailbox cartridges

PowerVault ML6030 CM (23U)
Up to 225 cartridges
Up to 10 LTO-4 tape drives
Up to 30 mailbox cartridges

PowerVault ML6000 EM (9U)
Up to 92 cartidges
Up to 4 LTO-4 tape drives

ML6000 - 32U Config
Up to 317 cartridges
Up to 14 LTO-4 tape drives
Up to 42 mailbox cartridges

ML6000 - 41U Config
Up to 409 cartidges
Up to 18 LTO-4 tape drives
Up to 54 mailbox cartridges

Optional Library Managed Encryption (LTO4 and LTO5)
Optional Advanced Reporting Available

  Barcode Reader

LTO3, LTO4 or LTO5
Tape Shelf Life: 30 years minimum (at 20°C, 40%RH)
MTBF: Greater than 250,000 power on hours
Power: Redundant power supplies available
User Upgrades: Drives, storage capacity columns, magazines, rack-mount kit, casters, second power supply
Field Replaceable: Power supplies, picker assembly, control electronics, hot-swap drives, RMU
Diagnostics: Embedded monitoring of major subsystems, self-diagnostics, policy-based email and pager alerts, auto calibration, auto inventory, SNMP alerts via RMU
Additional Features: Automatic bar code reader, automatic calibration, choice of automatic or manual drive cleaning

Cartridge Change: 10 seconds
Inventory Time: Less than 60 seconds
Inventory Speed: 128 slots in less than 20 seconds
Configuration: Autodiscovery and autocalibration for installed/added components (modules, tapes, drives, magazines)

  Library Management Interface
Operator Panel
Password-protected, context-sensitive LCD menu display with backlight
Displays library, drive and mailbox activity
Remote Management
Integrated web server (Remote Management Unit -- RMU) Drive
Operational status LED

  Drive Interface
LVD SCSI, 4 Gb/s FC, 8 Gb/s FC, 3 Gb/s SAS, 6 Gb/s SAS

Note: ML6000 will support any combination of LTO drives
  SCSI Connection
68-pin micro-D

  Backup Software
Dell-supported Tape Backup Software*:
Symantec® Backup ExecTM  for Microsoft® Windows®  and Novell® NetWare® *
CommVault® GalaxyTM  for Microsoft Windows, Novell NetWare, and Linux® *

PowerVault ML6010 CM (5U)
8.6" x 17.4" x 31.4" (21.9cm x 44.2cm x 79.8cm)
66 lbs (30 Kgs)

PowerVault ML6020 CM (14U)
24.4" x 17.4" x 31.4" (61.9cm x 44.2cm x 79.8cm)
125 lbs (56.8 Kgs)

PowerVault ML6030 CM (23U)
40.1" x 17.4" x 31.4" (101.9cm x 44.2cm x 79.8cm)
184 lbs (83.6 Kgs)

Electrical: 100-240V
Altitude: 10,000 ft (9,144m)
Temperature: 10°C to 40°C (operating)
Humidity: 20-80% non-condensing (operating)

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