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Don't know what's wrong with your PC? DOC has a solution for it.
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Top Solutions

Got a problem with your Dell PC, but don't know what to do?

No two problems are alike. No two solutions are alike. Dell On Call experts don't work from set scripts to help you diagnose your PC. We combine resources, work with 3rd party vendors and even other hardware manufacturers to find the right solution to your problem. We work collectively to get the right resources together and solve your issues.

Dell On Call experts can connect directly to your PC with DellConnectTM  to help diagnose problems and get you back to doing what you want to do - all without unplugging your PC and bringing it into a shop. A High speed Internet is required for DellConnectTM .

Error messages or a blue screen with your operating PC?
No one wants to get blue screens or error messages, but sometimes these can be valuable tools to help diagnose the problem with your PC. Make sure to write these messages down, so you can help Dell On Call better diagnose and understand your problem.
Are you having a general problem with your PC, or wanting to know how to perform a certain task?
Dell On Call experts can help you fix issues, as well as walk you through how to perform specific tasks. Installing a new application, having trouble with e-mail attachments, configuring a printer, networking a wireless connection, or even help with your PC security, Dell On Call can help with a wide range of tasks that are important to you.
Networking issues?
Many factors can lead to problems with accessing your local network or the Internet. If you've checked your connections and are still having a problem, contact Dell On Call to get back online.
Operating PC running slower than normal?
Slow PC performance can be due to a computer virus, spyware, malware, or even internal hardware or software conflicts. This symptom can occur during the PC boot-up process or within the operating PC. Dell On Call can pinpoint the problem and help fix the issue.
Is my operating PC up-to-date?
Keeping your PC up-to-date with the latest Windows and antivirus updates can ensure that your PC is running as efficiently and safely as possible. Dell On Call agents can help you create a schedule for these updates that keep your PC current.
What if my system is no longer under warranty?
If you think your issue is not covered, or your PC is out of warranty, our team of experts will assess the situation and help.See what is and is not covered under your warranty.