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Don't know what's wrong with your PC? DOC has a solution for it.
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Top Solutions

Why take your PC to the shop when the shop can come to you? With Dell On Call, everything can be done from the comfort of your own home. And best of all, it's done when the time is right for you so there's less waiting around for someone to show up.

That's the Dell Difference.

Dell On Call Services
Spyware & Virus RemovalSpyware & Virus Removal
Get help diagnosing and removing troublesome spyware or viruses.
Home Network SetupHome Network Setup *, *
Enjoy the benefits of wireless mobility right in your home. We can show you how.
Software SupportSoftware Support
We'll help you install and setup common software applications including Microsoft®  programs over the phone.
Electronics & AccessoriesElectronics & Accessories
Learn how to record your favorite music, print and share photos and edit them with music and titles.
PC Maintenance 101PC TuneUp
Helps keep your system running at peak performance.