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Don't know what's wrong with your PC? DOC has a solution for it.
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Top Solutions

Help keep your system running at peak performance by providing the adequate maintenance to your PC.

Get your PC tuned up for one full year.

Receive access to download a powerful tool that can automatically tuneup your PC throughout the year, based on your schedule - as many times as you need it.

Choose the date and time you prefer and schedule your sessions at your convenience. Our tool will execute the maintenance and do all the work while you keep using your PC.

Or let us do all the work while you sit back and relax.

Our agents can execute a comprehensive tune up to your PC over the phone. We are assisted by DellConnect¹ and other powerful tools designed specifically for Dell PCs to complete this maintenance session.

Once the session is concluded, our team will provide a comprehensive report of items corrected to improve the performance of your system.

This PC Tuneup agent assisted offer is only available for customers running MICROSOFT WINDOWS XP .

Our PC TuneUp offer includes:
  • Clean/remove unwanted Internet files
  • Clean/ remove temporary file
  • Enable automatic Windows updates
  • Remove broken links from startup
  • Empty Recycle bin
  • Schedules/performs hard disk defragmentation
  • Checks firewalls
  • Updates Internet security settings
  • Create a known good restore point
  • Provide a report with activity and recommendations
Delivery Methods
On the Phone Click "Buy Now" to get toll-free access to a Dell on Call expert who can provide you with the computer-focused solutions you are looking for - 7 days a week, 8:00 A.M. to 11:00 P.M. (Eastern Standard Time). Your personal access number is provided in the order confirmation page after purchase Starting at $129
Automatically executed PC Tune ups for one year Click "Buy Now" to have access and download an automated tool that will execute periodical tune up sessions for full one year. This helps your PC to keep running at its full capacity Starting at $29