Dell Business Ready Solutions

Dell Business Ready Solutions

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Microsoft Windows Server®  Solutions are integrated server solutions that, based on your business needs, bundle best-of-breed Windows Server®  product technologies into custom software suites to provide out-of-the-box network solutions at a discount compared to purchasing the stand-alone products individually. In addition, by integrating Microsoft®  server software on Dell PowerEdgeTM  servers in the factory, we can simplify and accelerate installation of these powerful business suites on your network and tailor it to your requirements so you know it works right out of the box

    Windows Small Business Server 2011 is a specially designed software suite for businesses with fewer than 75 users and incorporates key Windows Server technologies that provide many of the features used by larger companies including integration with key lines of business applications such as accounting and CRM. This one (SBS Standard) to two (SBS Premium) server solution provides e-mail, Internet connectivity, internal Web sites, collaboration, remote access, support for mobile devices, file and printer sharing automatic backup, and restore – all at a discount from the stand-alone software product prices.

New with Windows Small Business Server 2011, an easy to use interface with automatic backup and restore with a simpler installation and migration path to get you started. In addition, SBS 2011 offers better ways to manage email with improved Outlook Web Access and more powerful online collaboration that allows users to edit and share documents from anywhere.

    Windows Essential Business Server 2008 Designed for businesses with up to 300 users and that need integration with key lines of business applications, this three (EBS Standard) to four (EBS Premium) server software suite provides a unified administration console to manage an integrated IT infrastructure with some of the latest versions of management, messaging, and security server technologies. By helping to improve IT manageability and reliability, Windows Essential Business Server 2008 turns a midsize IT infrastructure into a strategic asset that can boost productivity and growth – all at a discount from the stand-alone software product prices.

Windows SBS 2011 includes:
  • Microsoft Windows Server®  2008 R2
  • Microsoft®  Exchange Server 2010 SP1
  • Microsoft Windows®  SharePoint®  Foundation Services 2010
  • Windows Server®  Update Services 3.0 SP2
  • Microsoft SQL Server®  2008 R2 Standard (Premium edition only)

Dell Business Ready Solutions

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