Dell Business Ready Solutions

Dell Business Ready Solutions

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Business Solutions

Choose from these select server solutions designed to meet your growing business needs, from the small business ready to migrate away from client-based peer-to-peer file sharing, to the growing medium business ready to move into maximizing datacenter efficiencies through server consolidation and virtualization. Dell has you covered with these great solution offerings.

Solution Description of Business Issue Select
First Server Business has multiple (peer to peer) clients/notebooks/remote users with no centralized file sharing, print services, remote access to data. Needs to establish greater control and centralization over critical information.Choose
Integrated Server Solutions Small businesses (<75 users) looking to deploy a turnkey cost optimized, easy to manage (consolidated license management) solution for Email, Calendar, File & print, Remote Web Access, collaboration, and health monitoring capabilities with automatic backup and restore.Choose
Web Server A 3rd Party currently hosts your website, but flexibility is limited and you need greater control over your content, increased ability to customize your site to improve your web presence.Choose
Database Server Business use of applications that require scalable databases such as SQL Server or OracleChoose