Hardware Warranty Phone Support Policy

Hardware Warranty Phone Support Policy

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Hardware Warranty Phone Support

Telephone support for diagnosing hardware problems with Dell systems is available via the following toll free numbers:
  • Small/ Medium/ Large Business/ Government/ Education: 1-800-387-5757
  • Home & Home Business: 1-800-847-4096
  • Printers/ TVs/ Axims/ DJs/ Projectors: 1-877-335-5767

Dell systems and peripherals come with either a 90-day or a one-year limited warranty, a two-year limited warranty, or a three-year limited warranty. Please refer to the limited warranty applicable to your Dell system or peripheral. In addition to the limited warranty for your system or peripheral, a variety of service options are available so that you may customize service acquisition according to your needs. For more warranty information, see Warranties.

Pre-Failure Alerting

During the limited warranty period of the Dell PowerEdgeTM  and PowerVaultTM  systems, Dell hard disk drive and DIMM (memory) components are eligible for the Pre-Failure Alert Program.

Software Support

Refer to the following sections for the software support policy statement that corresponds to your Dell system or peripheral: desktops, notebooks, workstations, printers, servers, and storage.

Desktops, Notebooks, Workstations and Dell Printers

Dell provides installation and configuration support as well as support for questions about how to use Dell factory-installed software on Dell desktop, notebook and workstation systems and Dell Printers as explained in the following subsections.

Installation and Configuration Support

Dell provides telephone assistance for installation and configuration of Dell factory-installed Microsoft®  and Red Hat®  operating systems and Dell factory-installed applications software (for example, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), excluding Custom Factory Integration items. Operating systems included in this offering are, Microsoft Windows®, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT® , Windows for WorkgroupsTM , Windows 2000 and Windows Millennium, Red Hat Linux 8.0, 9 and Linux 3.0 WS. Installation and configuration support also covers Service Packs, Components, Supplements Updates and Patches for factory-installed operating systems (Windows 9x, Windows NT and Windows 2000), as well as future releases downloaded from the Microsoft web site that Dell also distributes. Installation and configuration is defined as "restoration to factory configuration." Support for operating system defects is limited to commercially available fixes from the manufacturer.

For systems purchased without Dell factory installed operating systems and/or application software, Dell will not provide operating system and/or application software support.


Usage or "How To" Support

Dell offers assistance with questions about how to use Dell factory-installed software as follows:
  • Within 30 days - Dell offers "30 Day Getting Started" support program at no charge to all PowerEdge server customers. During the first 30 days after the invoice date, you may contact Dell's Customer Technical Support for help with optimization and configuration questions. This program is available to customers who have their Microsoft, Novell, or Red Hat operating system factory-installed on their Dell server.
  • After 30 days - Beyond 30 days from the invoice date, Dell Advanced Software Support is available for purchase and provides quick access to software support engineers for PowerEdgeTM  Servers, PowerVaultTM  Storage and PowerConnectTM  Switches. Please see the following information for more details on the Advanced Software Support offerings.


Usage or "How To" Support

The PowerVault Advanced Software & Configuration Support provides 7x24 or 5x12 expert technical phone assistance with the operation and configuration of your PowerVault Fibre Channel system. Dell's unique storage support line is designed to help ensure customers get the expert advice needed to keep their storage systems fully operational. This service supplements Dell's toll-free hardware support line that provides troubleshooting assistance and diagnostics of any Dell hardware. For NAS systems, this service includes the "AutoSupport" feature to proactively alert Dell of potential system problems.

Dell/EMC Storage Support:

Dell Gold-Level Premier Enterprise Support Service for Dell/EMC Storage has 7x24 High Level engineer to engineer support with direct access to the Gold Queue. For more information please see Dell/EMC Storage support services

OpenManage products for Dell server and switches:

Installation and Configuration Support

Dell OpenManageTM  is a comprehensive set of technologies, tools, and alliances based on industry standards that meet our customers' needs for efficient systems management. To assist with using Dell OpenManage products for servers and switches, Dell provides installation and configuration support at no additional charge for the duration of the limited warranty or service contract on your Dell PowerEdgeTM  server or PowerConnectTM  switch.

Dell's installation and configuration support for Dell OpenManage products for Dell servers and switches consists of:
  • Basic installation and basic configuration of software on the management station (if applicable) and managed nodes.
  • Verifying the functionality of the above installation and configuration.
  • Verifying and troubleshooting basic TCP/IP connectivity via Ping as well as SNMP alert communication between the management station and managed nodes
  • Un-installation, re-installation, and basic installation associated with product updates

Usage or "How To" Support for OpenManage

For additional assistance with Dell's OpenManage products, Dell offers several fee-based service options designed to meet your unique needs. Dell's Enterprise Support Services provide comprehensive proactive and reactive support for Dell hardware, and select network operating systems and applications, including OpenManage. Alternatively, Advanced Software Support Resolution Packs offer priority telephone access to our expert technicians for OpenManage software support and can be purchased in multiple resolution packages or as a single resolution.

Dell OpenManage products for servers and switches include: Dell OpenManage Server Assistant, OpenManage Server Administrator, OpenManage IT Assistant, OpenManage Connections, Array Manager, DRAC/RAC products, OpenManage Remote Install, OpenManage Switch Administrator and OpenManage Network Manager.

Software Support for Dell Factory-Installed Linux


Dell offers Linux support provided for Dell Precision Workstations. With your purchase of Dell hardware with Red Hat Linux operating system factory-installed, you receive standard support included with your system:
  • Red Hat Support:
    Your choice of one- or three-year subscription to Red Hat Network which provides access to errata information, security and functionality updates directly from Red Hat.
    After the Red Hat Network Subscription included with your system expires, you can choose to renew your subscription directly from Red Hat.

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