PowerEdge M910

Ideal for virtualisation workloads or core applications, the Dell PowerEdge M910 is a four-socket, full-height blade server that offers an excellent blend of performance, reliability and scalability in a high-density form factor.

  • Powerful — Up to four Intel® Xeon® Processor 7500 Series
  • Scalable — Up to 512GB of DDR3 RAM
  • Compact — Full-height blade form factor allows up to eight blades per 10U enclosure

PowerEdge M910 Rack Server
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Dell PowerEdge M910 Blade Server Video


Powerful, Scalable and Compact

  • The PowerEdge M910 was designed to meet the needs of nearly any IT environment. Built with powerful Intel®  Xeon®  processors and advanced systems management capabilities, the M910 is ideal for the demanding applications at the core of most data centers.
  • Dell FlexMem Bridge technology allows the M910 to seamlessly scale from 4GB to 512GB of DDR3 RAM in either two-socket or four-socket configurations. This patent pending technology allows Dell to deliver a unique platform that can grow as your needs dictate.
  • By delivering these capabilities in a blade server, Dell allows your organization to add significant performance in an exceptionally energy efficient and easily managed form factor. With eight Four-socket servers per 10U of rack space, the M910 offers more than 3 times the density of traditional 4U rack-optimized 4-socket servers.
Powerful, Scalable and Compact

Focused on Quality & Reliability

Focused on Quality & Reliability

The PowerEdge M910 utilizes the redundant power, cooling and networking infrastructure provided by the Dell M1000e blade enclosure. The PowerEdge M910 itself incorporates additional features designed for maximum protection against potential downtime, such as the ability to support three fully redundant fabrics per blade and the inclusion of a dual-media redundant embedded hypervisor.

Focused on Quality & Reliability

The PowerEdge M910 also utilizes Intel®  Xeon®  processors which are designed to automatically monitor, report, and recover from hardware errors in order to maintain data integrity and keep mission-critical services online.

Focused on Quality & Reliability

Like all Dell PowerEdge servers, the M910 is manufactured with our "one-touch" factory build process. This process is designed to ensure just one person is responsible for the entire server build, resulting in greater quality control. In addition, every fully configured Dell server is tested (and re-tested) before it leaves the factory to ensure maximum reliability.

Simplified Systems Management

The next generation Dell OpenManageTM  suite offers advanced operations and standards-based commands designed to integrate with existing systems for effective control.

  • TheDell Management Console, powered by Altiris from Symantec, delivers a single view and a common data source into the entire infrastructure. Dell Management Console is built on the SymantecTM  Management Platform (formerly Altiris®  Notification Server), an easily extensible, modular foundation that can provide basic hardware management or more advanced functions such as asset and security management. Dell Management Console helps reduce manual processes so less time and money can be spent keeping the lights on and more time can be spent on strategic uses of technology.
Simplified Systems Management

  • Lifecycle Controller is the engine for advanced systems management integrated on the server. Lifecycle Controller is designed to simplify administrator tasks to perform a complete set of provisioning functions such as system deployment, system updates, hardware configuration and diagnostics from a single intuitive interface called Unified Server Configurator (USC) in a pre-OS environment. This can eliminate the need to use and maintain multiple pieces of disparate CD/DVD media.
  • The Dell Unified Server Configurator delivers a single access point for secure, efficient and user-friendly infrastructure management. Embedded and integrated into the system, it provides quick and consistent access, excellent flexibility and advanced capabilities. With built-in driver installations, firmware updates, hardware configuration and diagnostics, the USC tool is a one-stop shop for operating system deployment.


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