PowerEdge R715 2U Rack Server


Well balanced for workload consolidation, virtualization, small to medium databases and other general business applications, the Dell™ PowerEdge™ R715 rack server offers an excellent balance of processor density, redundancy and value in a two-socket, 2U form factor. It features:

  • AMD Opteron™ processor for up to 32 processor cores
  • An internal, dual secure digital (SD) module for redundancy at the hypervisor level
  • An advanced systems management capability with the integrated Lifecycle Controller

PowerEdge R715 Rack Server






Immediate performance, lasting value

The PowerEdge R715 features the latest AMD OpteronTM  processor technology, designed to handle your most demanding workloads with superb stability, efficiency and long-term value.

Immediate performance, lasting value

Superb Reliability, inspired by you

We've designed the PowerEdge R715 for optimal reliability and ease of use, incorporating customer-inspired features that range from robust metal hard-drive carriers and industrial-quality materials to embedded diagnostics and an interactive LCD screen. The PowerEdge R715 also includes an internal dual SD module to provide failover at the hypervisor level—another reliability feature designed with direct input from you.

Technology and design that go the distance

Technology and design that go the distance

You've told us you need a server manufacturer that inspires confidence through its reliability, availability and quality of products. With this in mind, we’ve set a simple reliability goal: deliver quality products that stand the test of time.
To help meet your needs in the data center and beyond, we're dedicated to improving server reliability processes by:
  • Utilizing robust, durable industrial materials to enable longer product lifecycles
  • Introducing a Unified Server Configurator (USC), which helps to minimize downtime by offering embedded and persistent diagnostics with no media required
  • Improving redundancy generation over generation with features such as an internal dual SD module that provides failover at the hypervisor level
  • Implementing a “one-touch” quality-control process to ensure that one person is responsible for the entire server build
  • Ensuring that every fully configured Dell server is tested—and re-tested—before it leaves the factory

Efficient for your environment

PowerEdge servers drive energy efficiency as a design standard without compromising the performance you need to meet cost and environmental goals. Our energy-efficient system design, built with Energy Smart technologies, can better help manage power in your specific environment.

Efficiency from the inside out

The PowerEdge R715 features highly efficient fans that help to conserve energy by spinning in accordance with server workload demands. In addition, the internal shrouding and logical layout of the internal components aid with airflow direction, helping to cool the server.

Efficiency from the inside out

Intelligent power management

The PowerEdge R715 includes power-management features such as programmable voltage regulators, power-regulating processors and an interactive LCD screen for easy access to power-consumption information. These features can simplify and enhance power management within your environment.

Comprehensive, cost-effective management

Comprehensive, cost-effective management

Dell’s systems management portfolio adheres to open standards while focusing on the core principles you need: simplicity, cost-effectiveness and a holistic focus across the solutions stack.

Lifecycle Controller
Integrated on the server, the Lifecycle Controller helps administrators perform provisioning functions such as diagnostics, hardware configuration and system deployment in a pre-OS environment—all from a single interface called the Unified Server Configurator (USC). This helps eliminate the need to use and maintain multiple pieces of CD/DVD media.

Interactive LCD screen
The PowerEdge R715 features an interactive LCD screen positioned on the front of the server for easy setup, monitoring and maintenance. Plain-language diagnosis and a programmable messaging system can help users address issues quickly to simplify day-to-day monitoring.

Dell Management Console
Dell OpenManageTM  systems management portfolio also includes the Dell Management Console, which is included with every Dell server and provides IT managers with a consolidated view of their entire IT infrastructure.


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