Dell Emulex LPe-11002-E Details

Dell Emulex LPe-11002-E Details
Dell Emulex LPe-11002-E
Streamlined installation and management, excellent scalability, and leading virtualization support make the Emulex LPe11002-E product ideal for medium to large enterprises with mixed-OS Storage Area Network (SAN) and virtual server environments. With powerful management tools and broad platform support, this HBA delivers maximum performance in the broadest range of applications and environments.

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  • Superior quality and reliability ensure data availability
  • Highly efficient installation accelerates deployment and reduces administration costs
  • Maximum SAN performance that support more than 140,000 IOPs increases scalability and user satisfaction in large enterprise installations
  • Robust interoperability simplifies deployment and upgrades of SAN hardware and software
  • LightPulse Virtual HBA technology provides efficient host utilization and compliance with SAN management best practices
  • Common driver model eases management and enables upgrades independent of HBA firmware