Dell LPe-12002-E

Dell LPe-12002-E
Dell LPe-12002-E
The Emulex LPe12002-E HBA is a dual-ported host bus adapter. It provides servers with limited PCI slots, greater port capacity and performance for virtualized data center environments, Critical information applications, and high bandwidth applications such as backup, data replication and disaster recovery implementations.

It is capable of delivering outstanding performance by leveraging a single ASIC design and combining a unique hardware architecture to offer Higher bus speed (PCIe2.0), Fibre Channel speed (8Gb/s), lower latency (faster board-level processing) and CPU offload (MSI-X).

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  • Supports higher bus speed (PCIe2.0)
  • Fibre Channel speed (8Gb/s)
  • Lower latency (faster board-level processing) and CPU offload (MSI-X)
  • CPU offload, scaled up NPIV configurability (255 VPorts, larger RPI count) and support for large number of simultaneous transactions/exchanges (XRI count)
  • Protection against corruption (BlockGuard) and unauthorized intrusion (FC-SP)