Dell Dual Channel Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter Details

Dell Dual Channel Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter Details
Dell QLE2462

The Dell QLE2462 HBA is a dual-ported host bus adapter created for enterprise customers and engineered to supports the most stringent storage networking requirements.

The QLE2462 HBA is among the highest performing, most reliable HBA in the industry supporting the latest high performance interfaces in the industry (4 Gb/s FC and PCI Express).

It is capable of delivering outstanding performance by leveraging a single ASIC design and combining a unique hardware architecture to offer up to 100,000 IOPs per port and 750MB throughput in full duplex while supporting a native x4 PCI Express.

To order, please contact your Dell Sales representative or order online as a add-in peripheral to your server.


  • 4 Gb/s FC Data Rate offering up to 750 MB/s at full duplex/port.
  • 4/2/1 Gb/s Auto Speed Negotiation for backward compatibility with 2/1 Gb/s FC systems.
  • Native x4 PCI Express Host Bus Interface.
  • 100,000 IOPs Performance Per Port Delivering outstanding I/O transfer rates.
  • Two, independent 4 Gbps FC ports designed to protect against port failures.
  • No reboot for driver and firmware upgrades allowing driver and firmware to be upgraded without rebooting the server.
  • HBA & Target level failover helping to protect the entire link against failures.
  • QLogic SANsurfer Management Suite for centralized management