Dell PowerVault DAT Tape Cartridges

Dell PowerVault DAT Tape Cartridges

Dell PowerVault DAT Cartridges

Dell offers DAT media which has been certified by Dell to use in Dell PowerVault tape products.

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DAT 72 media is compact, reliable, and offers, a good value for entry level tape media requirements.

DAT 72 Cartridges

  • These 72GB (compressed) capacity, easy-to-handle compact cartridges provide cost effective long term backup archiving.
  • DAT 72 is backward compatible with earlier DAT/DDS drive generations, which makes using the DAT 72 media very easy with no additional learning required to use.
  • Improved capacity (36GB native) and performance (3.5MB/s) over earlier generations of DDS cartridges.
  • DAT 72 media price point provides the user with a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
  • Dell media is tested and verified with all Dell DAT/DDS products to provide a complete solution and is accompanied by a limited lifetime warranty.

Cartridge / Drive Compatibility

Cartridge Drive
DAT 72 Write/Read
DDS4 Write/Read Write/Read
DDS3 Write/Read Write/Read Write/Read
DDS2 Write/Read Write/Read Write/Read
DDS1 Write/Read Write/Read Write/Read Write/Read
Cleaning Write/Read Write/Read Write/Read Write/Read Write/Read

Cleaning Cartridges

Dell PowerVault DDS Cleaning cartridges have a lifespan of up to 50 cleans.

Regularly cleaning DDS/DAT drives help in long-term reliability and should be conducted in scheduled cycles and when requested by the drive. The recommended cleaning interval for the drive is 50 tape motion hours, which is indicated by the solid LED.

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