Virtual Integrated System (VIS)

Virtual Integrated System (VIS)
Dell Virtual Integrated System (VIS)

Dell Virtual Integrated System (VIS) Architecture
Dell Virtual Integrated System (VIS) architecture helps improve data center efficiency by responding to selected business requests in minutes. With the Dell VIS working for your organization, you can streamline management tools and tasks while getting more from your existing infrastructure investments.
  • Helps lower data center costs related to management, maintenance and licensing
  • Improves your agility in responding to changing technologies and business needs
  • Enables you to retain choice while seeing a faster ROI, thanks to open architecture that helps you utilize both existing investments and future technologies
  • Facilitates real-time provisioning, eliminating the need to over-provision or over-purchase to preempt unexpected growth
Agile and flexible architecture
Expanding IT needs and resource demands continue to present challenges for organizations worldwide. Add to these challenges the increased tightening of budgets, and the need for a paradigm shift becomes clear. Now more than ever, organizations need a holistic IT solution that can enable them to keep up with growth and manage costs while delivering enhanced value to the business.
The Dell Virtual Integrated System (VIS) architecture is just this solution. The Dell VIS helps eliminate barriers to the adoption of virtualization while providing a clear path to transform data center efficiencies. In addition, the open architecture of the Dell VIS means that you can make this transformation while choosing the technology and the pace of adoption that make sense for your organization.
Controlling IT costs starts by making the most of your existing investments: from your IT infrastructure to the people who utilize and support it. Through the open-architecture solution of the Dell VIS, you can retain flexibility and choice while delivering tangible benefits at every step, across the entire data center.
Faster response to change
The Dell Virtual Integration System (VIS) architecture helps to improve operational costs by controlling the complexity of your infrastructure and improving your speed of response. The Dell Virtual Integrated System can help transform your data center by automating and streamlining repetitive tasks, enhancing visibility into the infrastructure, and wrapping a layer of intelligence around even the most routine operations. As a result, your IT professionals can work smarter—and faster—in responding to the critical needs of your business.
An open, capable and affordable solution
Open, capable and affordable are noble ideas by themselves, but when it comes to technology solutions, we believe they work best in harmony, through a thoughtful combination of hardware, software and services.
  • Open: Take advantage of innovation at the pace and cost that make sense for your organization. An open architecture enables you to capitalize on existing investments while giving you the flexibility to adopt new technologies as needed.
  • Capable: Complexity may be inevitable in business, but you shouldn't have to absorb the stress of managing it. With Dell solutions, you can take advantage of automation, intelligence and other innovations to reduce the complexity typically found in highly capable solutions.
  • Affordable: Affordability doesn't begin and end with a price point – it also means lasting value. That’s why we design Dell solutions to help manage costs, drive efficiency and promote easy adoption across all organizations, not just a select few.

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Dell VIS Creator

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