Virtualization Infrastructure

Virtualization Infrastructure

Virtual Infrastructure: Dell vStart
The simple, fast, and smart path to virtual infrastructure delivered ready to run
Virtual doesn’t have to mean complicated – start simple
Until now, you had no choice but to spend plenty of time and trouble building a virtual infrastructure yourself – Dell vStart changes all of that by giving you a new option – one simple way to get and deploy a complete virtual infrastructure solution (servers, storage, network, rack, cabling, hypervisors, management software, and deployment services) that works the way you expect it to.
Virtual infrastructure delivered ready to run – start fast
You will have virtual machines up and running before you know it because Dell vStart comes to you pre-racked, pre-cabled, pre-labeled, pre-validated, and pre-configured. Seamlessly plugging into your existing management consoles using new, essential extensions, Dell vStart dramatically simplifies management tools and tasks.
Focus on the business, not the virtual infrastructure – start smart
Dell vStart comes pre-sized and pre-validated to run up to 100 or 200 virtual machines depending on selected configuration and workload needs, while making the most of all of your existing resources – enabling you to scale confidently now and in the future.
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